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I’ve failed you, I’ve failed me, and I’m going to fail again.

Failure. It’s not something many people want to talk about in business. In fact, I’ve found it quite the opposite. Every day my Facebook and Instagram news feeds are filled with stories of people making in it big in business and making it big fast. How often do you see ads popping up in your...


WTF’s a “village” anyway? Can someone explain?

For the purists, let’s rephrase, shall we? “What does an actual village look like?” This question was asked to me following my latest blog post “The reality of raising kids without a village”. As a country girl who grew up in a village, the concept was taken for granted but ‘what is a...


The reality of raising kids without a village.

When motherhood starts 18,000km away from your own village and apparently you need one to help you raise your kids, this is what happens. You create your own. My name is Claire and YouMums is my online village. A hub where parents can learn without feeling constrained to agree on an idea...


Where your journey starts

In a world with overwhelming exposure to advertisement and access to opinions, viewpoints, resources and voices when it comes to parenting, how can you cut through the noise to find clarity, confidence, support and guidance that you can truly trust? That’s why we created YouMums. Because...