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Every Motherhood experience has worthwhile learning outcomes to share.

Raw Motherhood Inspiration

Use our Mum-to-Mum video interviews - "Mum2Mum Inspo" as we call it, to tune with your maternal instincts.

Just like mothering was taught back in the "village", you're invited to listen to motherhood stories from around the globe so you can grab the learning another Mum has gained through her journey.

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A global Mums' collective

Someone, somewhere has been in your shoes. YouMums platform is about connection so that you can hear what others have learnt, how they overcame their challenges, what boosted their confidence. Sometimes even just knowing that someone else has walked a similar path can be the light you need to beat your doubts.

We’ve all got a story to tell. After all, this is how mothering was taught in “the village” - passing on knowledge from one generation, one aunt, one cousin, one neighbour, one friend to the next.


Confidence through knowledge.

Say goodbye to “how it should be done” and let go of feelings of failure when one technique doesn’t work for you. Neither babies nor motherhood come with a manual because there isn’t a “right way” of raising children.

We understand that norms vary between cultures, personality, and background, therefore YouMums aims to open your mind to the range of options that are available to you. There are many different approaches to parenting, we share a common bond of wanting to do our best, and that can look different for all of us.